Kevin L. Hinkley Auto Tech

5269 Crow Canyon Road
Castro Valley, CA 94552
(510) 881-1052

Open Monday-Friday
7:30AM- 5:30 PM

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S i g n a t u r e   O i l   C h a n g e

oil and filter
lube chassis (if equipped)
brake check and tire rotation
check air filter
check wipers and washer fluid
check all lights (brake, reverse, headlights, etc)
check ntransmission (manual or auto)
check differentials and transfer case (if equipped)
check drive belts
check power steering fluid and hoses
check coolant and hoses
check brake cylinder
check clutch cylinder (if equipped)
check shocks, boots, suspension, exhaust system
check tire condition: wear, pressure, and tread depth
check battery condition and charge
hand torque wheels to model, year, and make of your car
complete dealer print out of all maintenance  neede at your mileage
wash interior and exterior of windows
vacuum carpets
oil door and hood hinges