Kevin L. Hinkley Auto Tech

5269 Crow Canyon Road
Castro Valley, CA 94552
(510) 881-1052

Open Monday-Friday
7:30AM- 5:30 PM

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45+ Years Experience in Automotive Industry

   Meet Our Mechanics!
We specialize in Asian, Domestic, and Hybrid cars and trucks. Our staff is ASE certified, members of Automotive Technician Associates (ATA) and has been regularly attending automotive classes at the CarQuest Training Institute (CTI) since 2004.

Kevin L. Hinkley
Kevin is a Castro Valley native, who began his automotive career at age 12 with his father, John Hinkley,  who was a Chevron Dealer at Center and Heyer streets from 1968.  From Stanton Elementary to AB Morris Middle and Castro Valley High School, Kevin has dedicated his automotive expertise only to his hometown, Castro Valley. In 1982, he acquired this location and ran it as a Chevron Station. Even though Chevron closed this gas station location in 1990, Kevin bought the land, and many customers wrote letters to  Castro Valley Commerce to keep the auto repair station open.
His certificates include:

*ASE Master Automotive Technician in:
-engine repair
-automatic transmissions
-manual drive train
-suspension and steering
-electrical/electronic systems
-heating and air conditioning
-engine performance

*ASE Advcanced Level Specialist

*CA EA Smog Certified Technician

*ICP UST system operator

Kevin is also a Board Member of the
Automotive Board of Chabot College Advisory Council.

Ron Bridges

is a Castro Valley native who began his automotive career with the help of his father, Roy Bridges, at his Chevron Dealer Station at 5269 Crow Canyon Road. After serving in the US Army from 1973-76, Ron began full time work as a mechanic. In 1982, Ron became the manager of the future Kevin L. Hinkley Auto Tech. Now, with over 45 years in experience in the automotive industry, Ron is an ASE certified Automotive and CA Smog Technician, who also serves as a Board Member of the Automotive Board of Chabot College Advisory Council. In addition, Ron has been the President of East Bay's Automotive Technician Associates (ATA), a non-profit organization addressing the continuing education for automotive technicians, since 2002.

Frank Kurowski

joined Kevin L. Hinkley Auto Tech when he graduated from Castro Valley High School in 2003. After completing automotive training at WyoTech in 2005, Frank became an ASE certificated automotive technician in brakes, steering/suspension, electrical, Advanced Engine Repair and Diagnostics, as well as a CA Licensed Smog Technician.

Chris Hinkley

is the son of Kevin Hinkley and has been in the automotive industry
for over 15 years. He has his ASE Certification in engine repair,
customer service, suspension and steering, and brakes.

Kevin Ortiz

graduated top of his class from Eden's ROP in 2015.  In addition to having his ASE Certification, Kevin has a certificate in BMW 10 and 20.

Karen L. Hinkley

has been working with her father, Kevin, since 1993. During the school year, she is a 4th grade teacher, and during vacations she is back at Kevin L. Hinkley Auto Tech to do accounting and light mechanical work.